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Sehenswertes in Valdres

Hier finden Sie eine Reihe von spannenden Veranstaltungen und Aktivitäten, die Sie in Valdres erleben können. Unter jeder Aktivität finden Sie weitere Details und Informationen.

Beito Huskey - hundespannkjøring

Beito Huskeytours provides dog sledging in summer and winter. This is an unforgettable experience that should be tested.

Beitostølen Olabilbane

The optimal stock car - in a winding, paved trail down the ski hill. It goes fast, turns suddenly comes on, and your driving skills are put to the test.
Do you have the right combination of technique and daring it takes to become today's fastest?


In Beitostølen you can now go for free in a 9-hole Frisbee golf course.

The path begins in the center to the right of the chairlift. Start at the sled lift, right behind Beito Active.

Klatrepark - høyt opp i trærne

High up the trees have Beitostølen Active made ​​an advanced course that you can try. It starts easy, but it soon goes over to the more difficult areas to pass. Expect to get a lot of adrenalin when you pass the difficult heights.

Klatring på Bitihorn eller Heklefjell

We go into a climbing at the foot of Bitihorn which is adapted, to experience climbing, excitement and challenges in a safe manner. We have all the necessary equipment that you borrow from us.

Rafting i Steinholet - i vakre Sjodalen

The trips are really a natural experience like no other;-swimming in the rapids, rescue drills and learning the paddling technique. We adapt the difficulty level to your liking, great emphasis is placed on the social on the trips. There are different challenges such as surfing, flip, rescue drills, as well as the possibility of cutting jumps from 5 to 12 meters. River Board in combination with rafting is also an option.

Snowboardpark Beitostølen

On Beitostølen there is a great snowboard park / fun-park for the twintips. Here are challenges for all ages, and it is right at the center so you get good with audiences also when you take the hottest tricks.


Try one of the big three trampolines in the center of Beitostølen. Here's airy jumps and tickling well in my stomach.


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